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What is a case competition?

During a case competition, companies ask students to take a closer look at one of the challenges that they are facing. These challenges are referred to as cases, and their subject is often linked to one of the company's products or services. Students will be challenged to find a creative, efficient or lucrative solution for these cases.

Do I need a background in business or economics to participate?

No, there are no requirements regarding your background or experiences. Students from all fields of study are welcome to participate, provided they are in their 3rd year or higher

When and where does the event take place?

The 2024 edition of the Leuven Case Competition has a selection round in Leuven (March 6), Antwerp (March 11) and Brussels (March 12). The Final Case Day will take place in Leuven on March 21.

In which language will the event be organised?

Our event will be held in English, as such all information will be announced in English and participants will be expected to pitch their solutions in English.

Should I dress up?

The dress code is business formal, we advise you to wear a rather formal outfit.

What do I need to bring to the event?

We suggest bringing a fully charged laptop and writing utensils. At the event, a pen and notepad will be provided. Internet will be provided through Eduroam, a network that supports nearly all schools and universities in Belgium. If you do not have access to this network yet, please contact your school or university.

How can I get to the event?

Once the locations are released, you will find all information on how to get to the event on the Practical page. It will show you how to get to the location by car, by public transport, etc.

What are the benefits of participating in LCC?

Participating in a case competition helps you develop certain important skills, such as problem solving, giving presentations and pitching your ideas. LCC also gives you the opportunity to network with the partnering companies and other students during and after the event.

When do I receive the schedule?

A few weeks before the competition, a schedule will be uploaded on the website and our social media.

I am not very experienced with case competitions, where can I find information on how to tackle this?

You can check out our student case guide. It includes how to form your team, how to prepare, and how to best organize your time during the competition.


Who can participate?

Everyone who is in their third Year or higher can participate. First and second Bachelor students will NOT be accepted. However, students from all faculties can register and participate.

How do I participate?

You can enter with a group of 4 or as a duo. As all teams consist of 4, we will do our best to pair your team of 2 together with another duo so that you can participate as well. Be aware that each team member will have to upload their CV along with your registration.

How much does it cost to participate?

The selection round of the event is free of charge. To participate in the Final Case Day, you will be charged an entrance fee of around 30 euros. This fee will cover your breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and closing after party.

Can I change a team member?

Yes, changes can be made to your team by emailing to lcc-it@ekonomika.be. Specify which team member you are substituting, and make sure that you provide the correct information of the new member. (Full name, date of birth, student number, studies, university, study phase, CV)Deadline for any changes is the same as the registration deadline.

How many members should a team consist of?

You can enter with a group of 4 or as a duo. As all teams consist of 4, we will do our best to pair your team of 2 together with another duo so that you can participate as well. Be aware that each team member will have to upload their CV along with your registration.


Do we have to choose cases or does every team solve all the cases?

Each team will have to solve the Selection Case. The best 50 teams will progress to the Final Case Day where they will have to solve 3 more cases.

Will I stay together with my team during all the cases?

Yes, teams will remain unchanged during the whole event.The teams that registered as a duo will be paired with another duo. The newly formed team of 4 will remain unchanged during the whole event.

LCC platform

What is the LCC platform?

In an attempt to improve the casing and pitching experience during the event, a new website has been created this year with the purpose of making the interaction between participants and the jury easier. This platform will be used to register, to upload the case presentations during the event and to provide feedback from the jury to the participants.

How do I access this platform?

The LCC platform will be made available in February, when registrations start. You can access it using the button in the top right corner of this website or using the following link lcc-platform.

What do I do when encountering problems with the platform?

First and foremost, sorry. We try to make the experience of the participants as good as possible, but this is not an easy feat. To solve the problem, you can try reloading the page. If the problem persists, you can contact us by emailing to lcc-it@ekonomika.be. During the event, you can also ask a member of the LCC team.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us at lcc@ekonomika.be