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The History of the Leuven Case Competition

The Leuven Case Competition was created in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurial students from Belgium. Since then, the LCC has been an annual event in Leuven. Furthermore, since 2019, the LCC has expanded its reach by organizing a Selection Round in Belgium’s 3 student cities, namely Antwerp, Brussels and Leuven.

LCC is part of Ekonomika, the official student body for the faculty of Economics and Business in Leuven.

The LCC aims to be the most qualitative case competition out there for students from all backgrounds of study. Participating in the LCC gives students the opportunity to improve their problem solving skills as well as professional communication skills.

By connecting students and businesses, the LCC creates a bridge between theory and practice by bringing real-life business cases to students.

This year's team

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Our mission

The purpose of the Leuven Case Competition is to offer students lifetime experiences. LCC wants to give the opportunity to expand your professional network and increase personal development by sharpening problem solving and presentation skills.

Our vision

Create the most challenging and rewarding case competition in Belgium. We want LCC to be known across Belgium and viewed as a qualitative event down to the last details. LCC aims to partner with well-known and well-established companies and keep broadening out our network across Belgium.