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What we stand for

Grow your Network

LCC is an ideal platform to meet new and like-minded people from all over Flanders. Our best advice: you may be bitter rivals for one day, but could be friends for a lifetime. Have fun!

Develop your Skills

As the testimonials show, participating in a case competition is a great way to develop new and build on old skills. Skills like problem solving, logical thinking, creative design, presenting, negotiating, persuasion etc will come up in one form or another.

Leuven Case

Meet the Team

The LCC team 2019

The team consists of 7 members who are fully occupied for an entire year to bring you and your team the best case competition of Flanders. To achieve this goal, the team is supported by the whole Ekonomika committee and its network.

We are a group of students with a variety of personal characters. We are all part of the KU Leuven and have all been engaged in organising other events. For now, we are all set on bringing you the experience of a lifetime.


Vincent Deckers

Vice President Development

The Leuven case competition was born with the ambition to be an event where our participants sharpen their teamworking skills, get to know each other and our partner companies and above all, have a great experience. As VP Development at Ekonomika, I am honoured to organise this event along with my tremendously ambitious and capable team.


Valerie Schetz

Partner Responsible

As partner responsible, I want to grant students the opportunity of getting a first touch with the professional world through several real-life business cases, presented by some of the world's greatest companies, in a way they will never forget.

jeff copy

Jeff Vandebeeck

Operational lead

After participating I was eager to join the team to elevate the event to an even higher level than it already was. This was the best decision I could have ever made.


Jules Caubergh

Operational Lead

With the experience of organizing previous events, I try to create an LCC that will be your ‘experience of a lifetime’.


Laura Spruyt

logistics Responsible

I have been a part of Ekonomika for a few years and I have always enjoyed helping during the LCC event, but this year I decided I wanted more. I was very enthusiastic to become a part of the organisation of this amazing event and together with the rest of the team I will be taking LCC to the next level.


Freek van der Heijden

Vice President Marketing

My goal is to translate my passion for marketing into results, activating even more students and giving them a memorable experience.

Mara Socquet

Marketing Lead

Being aware of the importance of social media, I try to ensure LCC stays on top of the game.

Are you the one to take LCC to the next level?

Join Team LCC 2020

The Ekonomika board and network is there to help us accomplish the goal of bringing the best case competition every single year. Therefore, if you are interested in joining the team for LCC 2020 we invite you to ask around at LCC 2019 or send us an e-mail at lcc@ekonomika.be